Hoarding Cleanups

Hoarding can be
a sensitive situation.

As a furniture and junk hauling company in Jacksonville, Florida, we see a number of hoarding situations. Hoarding is often a painful situation that may people suffer and also often misunderstood. There are many different types of hoarders, from collectors to trash hoarders and everything in between.

It is often found that both the hoarder and their families are challenged with how to eliminate the junk. Typically, the volume of items and disorganization of it al, begins to impact the lives of the individual and their families. Over time if it is left unresolved, hoarding can impact friendships, family dynamics, health, and safety – not to mention the stress it places on the individual.

The professionals at Mac’s Junk Removal are trained to deal with these types of jobs. Our team of service professionals are trained to quickly and safely work in this stressful environment. We understand the sensitive nature and stress that comes from a hoarding junk removal. Our team will work closely with the family or other professionals to create a clean, fresh living space.

We understand that not everything is trash, and helping to give control to the hoarder in decision making is often successful as they learn to let go.

We can set up staging areas where we can sort onsite to separate out items to donate, recycle, and what is trash. We can even recommend a professional organizer to help with the sorting and re-staging of the home if needed. It is a multi-pronged approach that works best and we are just one part of the solution to help someone in a hoarding situation.

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